​​​Improv Shows 

  • Who's Cult is it Anyways? 9pm on Wednesday 1/8 at the PIT Loft 

  • ANDsemble monthly improv show - 8pm-9:30pm at Shetler Studios

    • Friday 1/24​

    • Friday 2/21

    • Friday 3/27

    • Friday 5/22

    • Friday 6/26

Theater in Asylum

I am a resident actor for the Theater in Asylum company. Here are some projects I have lined up with them:

  • Cold Reading (Host) play TBA on January 22nd at 6pm

  • A Political Cabaret (Actor) on Saturday 2/8 

  • Cold Reading (Actor) play TBA on February 13th at 6pm

The Armory 

I am a resident actor at the Armory. I started as a fan and then became an actor in their house team PALS in 2017 and  have been performing improv shows, mash ups, jams, and Shot 4 Shot shows with them ever since. 

Shot 4 Shot shows are drinking game reenactments of popular movies on Saturdays. I love performing with them because all of the performers are encouraged to put their own unique spin on it. Here are some shows I'm looking forward to performing in:​

  • Drink Ref - Ghostbusters - 9pm on Saturday 3/14 in Queens 

Sketch Shows

My sketch team Pitchfork Patty plans to have another performance in March 2020. We're hoping to share videos of our sketches before then!​

Writing Projects

I'm writing material for song parodies, hosting gigs, and comedy shows. Feel free to send me suggestions of something you want to see!


There is an exciting project happening later in the year that I can't wait to share with you! 

Just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss possible work >>


T: 860-833-9300   

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