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Looking for an enthusiastic, collaborative, text-based director for your play?

"the production’s subversive and joyful humour became more than just a joke – it became the means by which those who try to control others can be finally sent packing, and where those with confidence to be themselves could finally be seen."
                                          Dr. Peter Kirwan's review of Hankard's staged reading of The Roaring Girl at Mary Baldwin University 

Directing Philosophy

            There is something to love, nurture, and expand in every piece of theater and every theater artist. We are strong on our own and stronger together. Varying perspectives lead to more interesting, authentic, and representative theater. 

            An audience member should be able to understand the overall shifts in the play based solely on the blocking, production design, and character choices. With this in mind, most of my production choices are text-based. How do I make this play as easily understood as possible? In doing so, the audience can focus on the ideas and questions posited by the play itself instead of navigating the fog of plot or character confusion. 

            By sharing my goals for the piece, clarifying the structure of the world of the play, and offering our rehearsal room as a safety net, I hope to encourage actors to make bold and interesting character choices. I strive to make theater that excites, intrigues, and inspires audiences.

            Let’s be brave enough to play and to be vulnerable and to connect with each other.

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